Our Goal

Brighter Days Ahead

Our motto is “brighter days ahead”. We will help you through this difficult time by providing information and sound legal advice to get you to the next stage in your life – whether that is a separation, Divorce, apprehension of your child, marriage, or adoption, we are here to take care of the legal aspects for you and assist you with locating other services in the community that you may require.

While we make every attempt to resolve your legal issues without resorting to the court process, sometimes court is inevitable. We will make your court experience as simple and painless as possible, and continue to attempt resolution even while the litigation is in progress. Just because you start out in court does not mean you will continue in court. I negotiate deals for 95% of my clients. In my opinion, the court system is a tool to help you get the information you are entitled to and make educated decisions for a resolution.